Radien Dermatology - Acne Scarring

With the widespread use of highly effective oral medications for severe acne, there are fewer patients who will end up with severe acne scarring.  However, for those who do have residual scarring from their severe acne, various surgical and laser techniques are available.

The aim of treatment in this setting is to reduce the visual impact of the scars.  It is not possible to completely smooth out the skin.  Bound down, depressed scars can be released and lifted, keloids can be injected with prescription medications, pits can be punch- excised and ‘uneven terrain’ can be smoothed out with laser-based techniques.  Typically, multiple techniques are utilized in a treatment plan, tailored to the needs of the patient.  Multiple treatments are often needed over several months.

Many treatments are available at Radien Dermatology Gordon. However, the Therapeutics Goods Administration in Australia have significant restrictions on how these treatments are promoted and advertised, and severe penalties are imposed with such breaches.  Please discuss you needs with your dermatologist.

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