The typical fair-skinned Australian will have a lifestyle that may involve a significant lifetime exposure to the harsh Australian sun. This tends to predispose Caucasian to skin cancers. The most popular service provided by North Shore Associates in Dermatology is the specialist-level skin cancer survey. Patients are referred by their general practitioner specifically for full skin examinations for the purpose of early detection of skin cancers. Most cancers are not dangerous if treated early.

Once cancers are identified, our dermatologists can typically treat most lesions within the practice. Surgery is the most common option used and all our dermatologists are able to perform local anaesthetic surgery, from simple excisions to complex flaps and skin grafting. In addition, other alternative non-surgical therapies also exist, and our dermatologists would be best to advise patients on these possibilities.

Surgical Dermatology Excise
Surgical Dermatology Removal
Surgical Dermatology Closing

If extensive surgery or additional treatment is required, NSAD is linked in to a broad range of other practitioners such as plastic surgeons, medical oncologists and radiation oncologists in the area to provide a comprehensive service for our patients.

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