Lots of sun exposure and long-standing rosacea can induce permanently present small blood vessels on the face.  These are often most obvious around the nose, on the nose, the cheeks and chin areas.  They are unsightly and give patients a ‘ruddy complexion’.  In addition, lots of facial vessels can make inflammatory rosacea worse and increase their medication requirements.  Patients seek treatment when the flushing and blushing becomes embarrassing, or the redness can no longer be covered with make-up.   Those who need a lot of medication to keep their rosacea at bay may also benefit from treatment, as fewer vessels means fewer inflammatory chemicals and thus less pimples.

Various light-based treatments are currently available to reduce and remove the vessels from facial skin.  Different technologies have different ways of treating the vessels, but most involve the delivery of light, which then is absorbed by the blood in the vessels.  This light is then transformed to heat, which seals the vessels.  All machines work slightly differently and have different ‘end-points’, which is where enough energy has been delivered to the skin to make therapeutic changes.  Sometimes the skin is red at this end-point, whilst there are systems with have to induce a bruise to work.  The systems that do not bruise typically give the shortest ‘down-time’.

Several treatment platforms are available at Radien Dermatology Gordon. However, the Therapeutics Goods Administration in Australia have significant restrictions on how these treatments are promoted and advertised, and severe penalties are imposed with such breaches.  Please discuss you needs with your dermatologist.

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