Quick lesion Analysis and Total Body Photography Services

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Radien Dermatology Gordon is always seeking to improve our ability to provide medical care. We are excited to announce two new clinical services at our practice. We hope that the addition of these two imaging modalities will augment our ability to serve our patients and community.

  1. Quick Lesion Analysis Service.

In response to the prolonged waiting lists at dermatologists and the need to cater for patients who have concerns about suspicious moles and lesions, we are offering a ‘Quick Lesion Analysis’ [QLA] service. Patients are able to book an appointment with our melanographer/photographer who will document up to three skin lesions at a time.

High resolution photographic and dermatoscopic images are taken of the lesions, which are then analysed by a dermatologist within twenty-four hours. Patients then be emailed the results of their analysis. Should a dermatologist consult be recommended, then the patient can consult their family doctor, who may refer them to see one of our dermatologists. The cost of QLA service may be included in the clinical consult fee should the same dermatologist perform the analysis and the consultation.

  1. Total Body Photography Service

Our total body photography service caters for patients with multiple moles as high-risk skin cancer patients. Having a series of body images facilitates the identification of new or changing lesions at each full examination. Existing patients of Radien Dermatology can elect to have their images stored with their medical records, or alternatively have an independent album of hard-copy photographs or digital images.it is recommended that patients have a set of photos taken every 7 – 10 years.

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